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But just to be safe, I flirted with her a bit as well. It was as if every woman in Boston had heard they were just giving away panties for free.Which interestingly enough, seemed to make Randi just a little bit jealous, and served as an opportunity to fuel our playful banter even more. Undergarments were being man-handled left and right, and, at one point, two women even got into an argument when they both pulled the same pair of underwear out of a bin at the same time.I could have bent her over a rack and fucked her right there, if it wasn't for the throngs of women surrounding us. All this time my mind had been trained on feeling her skin, smelling her hair, kneading her ass with my hand and pressing my hard dick against her body. Vanessa appeared out of nowhere to show her cousin a few things she had found. What that kiss lacked in passion, she more than made up for in the fire I saw in her crystal blue eyes. With the sale and mob at the front of the store, the staff was relatively preoccupied and seemingly short-staffed. We raced back to her SUV, all the while grabbing and groping each other along the way. The back seat was spacious enough to sit comfortably (even for a my 6 foot frame), but for extra good measure, I slide the front seats as far forward as possible. I wanted to kiss her lips, and slide my tongue down to the nape of neck, planting little kisses along the way to her perfect breasts where I'd spent hours sucking and nibbling on her nipples as I played with her pussy. It was almost as if she had intentionally parked there. My dick still buried inside of her pussy, I pushed hard one last time to give her every inch.I admired her taste, and let my mind wander to imagine what she would look like in those various panties. Her pupils were wide open - as if she had been staring into a bright light that had suddenly gone dark. It was a moment we'd have to take advantage of, if we had one at all. I didn't do any of those things because I knew this was a moment we had to seize. Thrusting into her as I released my seed deep inside. She moaned into seat cushion, crying out "yes baby, give me your cum. I had taken the day off, and didn't mind using up the vacation time I had accrued. She and her cousin picked me up at my apartment complex around 10am on a Friday.My hand seemed to glide on it's own along the silken path, until I felt the warm, smooth flesh of her leg. I ran a finger along her pussy, finding her clit she sucked a quick breath in and held it. She was still wearing her thong - one I hadn't seen before, black with pink polka dots. Letting go of her leg, I spun her around and slowly lifted the back of her dress.

" Her voice in my ear, reminding me of what I had experienced and would potentially see again, instantly got me hard. If you don't mind tagging along with my cousin." Was she inviting me to go shopping with her? But really, what harm could there be in joining her? Except maybe the shopping part." I'll admit, I was fishing a bit here. My 20-something year-old-mind was juggling the possibilities and the risks. It's not like you've never seen any of my underwear before anyway! "There's a big sale at the Victoria's Secret in town - one day only, and Vanessa had some pass she needs to use there. After all, her cousin would be there too, and we'd be in a totally public place! Trying to figure out what exactly she was looking for what level of participation she was expecting me to have in her big city visit. "We're probably just going to go in for a minute anyway.

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I could just imagine her on the other end, her thick blonde hair with just the right amount of curl and bounce, her china-doll face with her slightly up-turned nose and piercing blue eyes whose corners would crinkle as she smiled. A flat stomach that led to a perfectly trimmed pussy, and an ass that had me constantly on high-alert. At my request, she almost always wore thongs - regardless of what she wore or where she was going. It also means short shorts, skirts and sundresses that leave just enough to the imagination to keep things titilating. I watched her perfectly tight ass bounce down the steps to the sidewalk below. And with the heat of the day, an air conditioned mall was an effortless choice.

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